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Email Marketing- Is It Worth It?

I wanted to put my money where my mouth is, and got proven wrong.

If you run a business or are strong on personal branding, you would have heard about the benefits of email marketing. Hell, even if you don’t have a business or personal brand, it’s highly likely you have an inbox full of emails from brands that you purchase from.

Email marketing has been a strong digital marketing tool that businesses use to increase sales for many years now. On all the momentus occasions throughout the year, you will see your inbox flood with sales, opportunities or events.

You may even be flooding inboxes yourself. With your own message, for your own reasons.

As a copywriter I absolutely advocate for a strong email marketing presence. I could list the benefits of the process with one eye shut and one hand up in the air as I turn in a 360-degree circle.

But, how do I know this? Because I’ve read about it… and then tested it!

I’ve decided to test out the theories and see if the results stack up.

I can confirm, I was wrong about a few things.

Here’s a copywriter’s honest review on email marketing;

  1. Don’t Send Emails on Sundays

This blew my mind, because I have always sent out emails on Sundays. The thought behind it was that a lot of people are home from work, it’s a weekend, it’s a lazy day and more often than not, the mind of a human on Sunday is more relaxed than that of a Monday.

I was wrong. And, the stats proved it.

Mondays had the best open rate, on average, at 22%. That’s almost 2% more than the open rate on a Sunday… wowee, I was so wrong.

What’s more is that the click-through rate on a Monday was at 2.3% and click-through open rate was at 10.6%. This is compared to Sunday’s 2.1% click-through rate and 10.1% click-through open rate.

Here’s how the other days stacked up;

The click-through rates on average for every day of the week. Image supplied by Campaign Monitor

Your Database is a Complete List of your MVPs. Don’t f#@k it up!

The people who have subscribed to your database, email list, newsletters etc want to be there. Don’t ruin that relationship with junk.

These people are the ones interested in you, your business, your product, your service. Utilise the interest. It’s a warm lead. It’s your family. Build this relationship like you would any other. Love, care, respect, value.

Don’t flood emails with junk. Be thoughtful and conscious of the messages you’re sending, and always aim to bring more value than what is expected. And then, a little more. It’s not all about sales.

  1. When it rains, it pours.

Sales? Once you’ve established and maintained the trust of your audience/database/client/consumer, you can then send the sales promotion or event notification.

This is where ground work comes in, understanding to establish an excellent sales campaign, you need a strong database, you need to develop and maintain the relationship and only THEN should you ask for purchases.

As an example;

Step one: I had been posting online for a client. This included four weeks-worth of posting across Instagram and Facebook to create excitement over a launch for a product. This was one post per day. Half of the posts were targeted at wholesalers, half of the posts were targeted at individual clients and social media followers.

Step two: I created a layout for a client who sells products in Canva to send to three different audience segments. These were; online subscribers, wholesalers, individual clients.

I made slight variations on each layout so that it aligned with each audience segment, and then clicked the send button. (All sent through Mailchimp, but could be utilised with any EDM software).

It was the smaller variations that made the biggest differences, and the wholesale email audience segment really came to the party.

Step three: The email layout was created and uploaded to Mailchimp two weeks in advance, and then sent on a Thursday evening at 7.45pm to align with pay-day.

The Results: The click-through rate for each audience segments were as follows;

Online Subscribers: 32.5%

Wholesalers: 36.4 %

Individual Clients: 30.1%


Sales generated from each email were:

Online Subscribers: $340.80

Wholesalers: $3,610.60

Individual Clients: $224.20

* All sales were made within 24 hours of the email being sent.

So, do the prep work… and then drop the bomb. But, don’t forget to prepare to be busy.

  1. There’s Red Tape… Everywhere!

New security methods, measures and mechanisms (such as Mail Protection Privacy– MPP) are impacting what emails we see in our inboxes. That’s why when you draft your emails, you need to keep in mind that your words could be sent straight to Junk Mail.

Here’s how security software is impacting email marketing;

*Average open rate based on Mail Protection Privacy Software introduced by Apple in 2021. Image from https://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/guides/email-marketing-benchmarks/

Don’t be unfamiliar with the workings of the medium your using. Research the ways in which email is developing and be prepared to have some ideas up your sleeve to navigate the red tape.

… Or we can do it for you.

  1. But, have you heard about social media?

Yeah. I’ve heard about social media. Have you?! It’s a great marketing tool, but it should be used in partnership with a strong email marketing campaign so that you can capitalise on the opportunities.

Continue doing you on socials. Don’t stop that. But, prioritise the database that already loves who you are and what you do. Combine them. Love them. Stroke them.

So, what are you still doing here? Let’s plan your next email/ newsletter and see if the statistics back this up.

Let’s go!

Tag us @Writcomm in your email marketing screenshots or ideas so we can revel in your genius and share with our own audience.

Email Marketing – Is it Worth It?