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How YOU can Scale Your Business in 2020

I’m going on a journey… and I’m taking you with me.

Recently, I was contacted by a business called Interact. They offer quiz software to help generate leads.

This is super intriguing for me because:

  1. I want to generate leads for Written Communications;
  1. All of my clients want to generate leads for their own business;
  1. I have a team of creative people who can utilise quizzes online.

The cherry on top- a Quiz is completely driven by WORDS. You can’t have a quiz without some beautifully strategic word placement. 

I was all ears. And eyes. 

If our words are the vehicle we choose to deliver value beyond comparison, it’s transparency that is the road to help us get there. That’s why I am showing you EXACTLY how I am beginning the process of scaling-up my Company so that we can take on the world together. 


Interact is based in California. I organised a 4am conference call with them (as I am based in Australia), and learnt the ins and outs of how to utilise a quiz to engage, entice, and interact. 

I am not a marketing, social media, or SEO expert. I am, however, a practitioner of those things. I practice them to see how they work, and how I can use them to gain traction and interest. 

The dots were aligning. I was buzzing. So, I started an Easter campaign to see if it works… 

Here’s the results;

Campaign One: Easter

Goal: To increase leads/ subscribers to the Written Communications mailing list. 

Duration: 15/4/2019- 20/4/2019 (Five days)

Quiz TYPE: Giveaway- facilitated by Interact software. Created by Natalie Scanlon. 

Method: Entrants are to click on the link, enter their email address, and can share/comment via social media. 

Prize: Two Gold Class Tickets.  Expenditure:$50 Facebook Advertisement. $80 Gold Class Tickets. TOTAL: $130

Mailchimp email campaign. 

Results: (Duration of Five days)

Facebook Follows: Increased by 109 


Website Traffic- Search increase by 2900%

Website Traffic- Direct increase by 95%

There were already 30 leads generated- this was a rate of 1 per minute. 

The conversion rate was sitting at 35.7%

As soon as I began the campaign and saw that people were actually inputting their data, opting in, and subscribing- I was hooked.

I was refreshing my server every hour and on the phone to mum. 

The Quiz was working. 

It was the missing link that joined interest, and the distribution of information.

It got the eyes to the intended destination. 

Words were used to increase my business, build professional relationships, and encourage a deeper understanding of my brand and services. 

It took around four hours to correctly gather the information I needed to attract the right people to the Facebook ad, and this included the right words in the email campaign.

However, for someone who had not spent too much time on generating email leads and subscribers in the past, this was huge for me. It literally tripled in five days. 

What’s next?

I’m now beginning my next phase of campaigns and written strategy, where I am using the Quiz to identify business styles, writing styles, and written strategy ideas. 

One thing I now know for sure is that in a world of socials, emails, blogs and content, we need to be adopting forward thinking to directly target those we wish to impact. I’ve found my (not-so) secret weapon thanks to Interact- A QUIZ! 

This is the ultimate opportunity.  Opportunity to create. Opportunity to evolve. Opportunity to explore.

You can take this moment, and make it anything that you wish. 

Send me your quiz! I’d love to see how you use this opportunity to gain business and scale up for yourself!


EMAIL ME to talk all things words, and be prepared for some serious Interact praises.

How YOU can Scale Your Business in 2020