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Involving and Igniting: How You Can Involve Your Audience

At what point does execution of incredible words break through the noise and convince your audience to take action? 

It sure as hell isn’t the amount of likes or shares you have. It’s something deeper than that.  

I decided to investigate a little further, and came up with one common factor. 


When your audience feels involved, they feel loved. They feel wanted. They feel needed. 

And yes, we could continue to explore the importance of the value of community and the attached sense of belonging that accompanies it, however we are here to show YOU how to involve your audience using your words so that you can sell, promote, or get more eyes on your prize. 

Let’s go!


Social media is literally screaming for you to involve others. It is a platform that is driven by engagement. If you’re not using social media (particularly Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram) to involve your audience, you are missing out on an opportunity to create a sense of community.

It’s the tool for those business owners who want to take the lift, rather than the stairs, and is a low-cost, high impact way to create a positive ROI for your time. 

Utilise your Instagram Stories to strategically place your words and ask your audience questions. It is a great way to obtain feedback, provide value, and strengthen relationships. Once you involve, you will ignite. 

Email Marketing

Just recently I have been focusing a lot on my email marketing because it is something that I needed to develop. I have had extremely positive results. 

I found that the more value you provide in your email, the more engagement you see from your readers. The more engagement I saw, the more clients I signed. 

One thing that will involve your audience in your line of email marketing strategies is the concept of consistency. This means utilising the same tone of voice, and ensuring that you have a structed and consistent approach to emails/newsletters that are delivered in a time frame that best optimises interest. One day too late, and you may lose a click on your call to action. One day too soon, and you may be reported for spam.

It is a tightrope of trial and error to create the right words that engage. That’s why you need to be driven by consistent involvement. It will drive the interest train for you.


This is a BIG one. People seem to be drawn to the idea that a quiz will identify more about themselves than they already know. It is a deeper connection that is created through words, and leads the quiz taker to an intended destination.

If you can, take the opportunity to create a quiz for your audience. It provides insight into their ideas, their goals, their personalities and ambitions. This is the type of information you won’t get from a double-tap on Instagram, or even a thought-out response to your latest blog. 

This direct involvement opens doors to an understanding about your consumer, client, or customer that you didn’t even realise you had the keys to.

Your answers come from your audience. Don’t look elsewhere. Involve them and watch how it ignites your business growth.

Click HERE to find out exactly how you can use your words to involve your audience.

Involving and Igniting: How You Can Involve Your Audience