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Our Business and it's Words in 2020

So, we’re here.

We’ve arrived at 2020, and we’re standing off against a world of digital enterprise, a coronavirus that is yet to be contained, and the unforgiving necessity to change our attitude toward life and business.

It seems that the one thing that we can be certain of is that we’re under the pump. And, most people are feeling the crunch… HARD.

So, how does your business survive a lull? How does your business survive a global ‘pandemic’ that is causing the stock market to fall, public arenas to be vacant and business expenditure to be halted?

You observe, re-arrange, and use your words. Let’s be real. Words are the constant. They may change and develop a little over time, but they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

They are our main method of communication, no matter which way you look at it. So, it’s time to be thinking about your direct access to your own words and how you can use them as equity when innovatively building, re-building or maintaining your business profit.

Here’s how;

  1. Digital is Dictating – Start Connecting… NOW

It’s not new. Digital is current life.

It’s what’s next that will have you on track to sustaining a successful business.

It’s not the artificial Intelligence or the coding of systems (which mind you, is incredibly powerful knowledge to have). It is the ability to connect with whoever you want in any country you need to network the product or service you sell.

It’s the ability to begin the hard conversations behind a screen, and create an opportunity from the moment you press send.

From apps to blogs, online forms, social media platforms and news outlets… YOU (yes, YOU) have access to the people and the resources while you lay in bed drinking coffee and eating pretzels.

Start connecting. Start connecting. START CONNECTING. Networking has never been easier. It’s even easier when a country is in lockdown.

  1. Accessibility is the Norm

Following on from digital connection comes the absolute capability for any person to do just that… connect.

We are now accustomed to accessibility. It’s our mainstream lifestyle. We can order online and have things delivered. We can attend university and obtain a tertiary qualification without leaving home. We have direct and instant access to news, conversations, and statistics. Life is accessible and what’s better is… it’s instant.

What a powerful tool we have.

It’s time to make the most of our free reign on information. It’s words that will decipher between the good and the bad information that lies glaringly amongst the digital masses. Use your words with authenticity and heart to ensure you aren’t lying in a pile of digital rubbish that screams ‘click here for more likes’.

Your words grant you access to the world. Use them.

  1. Authenticity needs to be more than transparent storytelling

Storytelling is a buzz word. Lots of people are using it, lots of people are successfully doing it. We all have an incredible story to tell.

But authenticity is going to become more than that one time you told Instagram about when you beat your demons. Authenticity is going to become the link between storytelling and accessibility.

If you are going to authentically tell your story with the aim of building brand awareness and trust in your audience, you need to be prepared to be accessible for questions and answers.

You need to be prepared to do more than tell your story. You need to be prepared to do what it takes to be the finishing line in a chapter of someone else’s.

And how else will you dictate the answers to the questions of the masses? How else will you make the impact needed to motivate another and finish their story on a high-note? With your words. That’s what!

We’ve arrived at a time where nothing is promised.

Nothing is stable. Everything is uncertain… except for our access to our own words, how we use them, and how we create that connection with others.

The answer to 2020 is literally at your fingertips… on your keyboard.

Start using your words.

Just don’t touch your mouth after it.

Our Business and Its Words in 2020