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About WritComm

WritComm was founded by a moment when I spoke someone out of suicide.

It was a phone call, while I worked as a Negotiator for the Financial Ombudsman Service, where the person I was talking to felt pressured by a financial burden that left them gasping for air; drowning in life.  

Their dispute came down to one word in an insurance contract. 

One. Word.

One word that caused struggle.


Distress and Vulnerability.

I saw this often, and had to fix it. 

Small businesses needed content and copy, contracts and documents that weren’t tied to billable hours and thousands of dollars in fees. The corporates and government departments needed to become more human.






The opportunity to write the words, the stories, the technical terms and ideas that build professional relationships across borders and seas, servers and screens.

The opportunity to change a life with one. word.

​We have now worked with and serviced many businesses and corporations across the  world, ultimately expanding into a digital communications firm trusted by many and wholeheartedly dedicated to making a difference. 

You call it digital communications.

I call it the gamechanger. 

Welcome to WritComm.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Nat Scanlon, Founder.